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Congratulations to Class 5B from Forthill Primary School in Dundee, Britain’s funniest class of 2021, and to all the runners-up! With over one hundred thousand votes casted, the children, families and communities have chosen this year’s winning joke: “What did the facemask say to the mouth? Let me cover for you!”

Class 5B is featured in Beano issue 4094, out 14th July, with Beano artist Nigel Parkinson ‘responsible’ for the blamstastic transformation of all the pupils into Beanotown characters. Class 5B have also won a special Beano assembly for their school, the Funniest Class trophy, book bundles and Beano comics.

Original and very funny, all of this year’s finalist jokes have made Dennis and Gnasher giggle. And children can now laugh all year long, as the ten finalist jokes will feature in the all-new Beano Five-a-Day Joke Book form Studio Press, publishing in September. The jokes are also included in the Jokes Generator on

Congratulations to all of this year’s funny pupils and who knows, next yearit could be your class! Check for more information on Britain’s Funniest Class 2022, starting spring next year.

Britain’s Funniest Class, now in its third year, is a nation-wide competition for primary schools. At Beano, we understand the feel-good power of laughter, and we have partnered with YoungMinds, the UK's leading charity championing the wellbeing and mental health of young people. Ourmission is to help lift classroom spirits and tickle funny-bones, whilst providing teachers with free educational resources linked to the curriculum.

This year’s top 10 jokes, all true Beano-esque funnies, are as follows:

Final Position School Class Name Shortlisted Joke
1st ForthillPrimaryschoo 5B What did the facemask say to the mouth?Let me cover for you!”
2nd Greystones Primary School Y5R What did the teacher say to the comic lover as a punishment? There will Beano comics for you. 
3rd St John the Baptist Primary School 4S Where's the best place to take a dog for a walk? Leeds 
4th Upton Meadows Primary 6YG Knock knock. Who's there? Justin. Justin who? Justin time to read Beano.
5th Bradford Christian School Year 5 & 6 What did Minnie change her name to when Rubi's 'Growth Ray' experiment went wrong? Minnie the Shrinks!
6th Hampton Hill Junior School 5R Where's the best place to take a dog for a walk? Leeds 
7th Howardian Primary School 5HB What did the pen say to the rock? Nothing, because pens can't talk. 
8th Uffculme Primary School Year 4 What does a scary panda say? Bam boooooooo! 
9th Finton House School 3N What is the coldest Christmas food? Pigs in blankets
10th Porthcawl Primary School Llynfi Why didn't the robber steal Bea's sweets? Because no-one would stoop that low!