Savvy teachers have long known that comics are an excellent way to help children to enjoy reading – including the most reluctant readers.

At a time when children are facing a wide range of pressures, including school stress and the complexity of growing up with the internet, teachers often tell us how beneficial it is for children to spend some Beano down-time in hectic school days – just enjoying a bit of silliness.

Laughing makes us feel good, it breaks the ice and brings people together.

Bring laughter wellbeing to your primary school class with free downloadable lessons that support the SPaG and PSHE curriculums.


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Beano has been inspiring children to read for
80 years; it’s the nation’s favourite comic.
Every issue of Beano delivers fresh vocabulary and perfectly pitched funny stories.
Get Beano delivered to your school with our special schools offer.
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"Beano gives you a chance to teach some key reading skills, even to your most reluctant readers."
Christine Chen & Lindsay Pickton, Teach Primary magazine
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